Healthy Children - November 2013


3 Tips for Eating Healthy During Thanksgiving Holiday


Thanksgiving is a holiday in which families get together and feast. However, this is the time when we tend to put our guards down on our health.  During thanksgiving, we need to watch out for high blood pressure and diabetes for those who have these two conditions. Checking on your thanksgiving dinner is highly recommended to avoid eating too much fatty foods or foods that might raise your cholesterol levels. Keep in mind your physicians orders regarding these conditions.


Generally, a thanksgiving dinner has over 2000 calories, and can be a challenge if you need to watch your waistline. Remember, it is easier to gain weight than to lose it, and especially if you are in a festive mood. The following 3 tips can be helpful to eating healthy during the Thanksgiving holiday.


Before you go to a thanksgiving dinner, ensure you eat something, not to your fill, but to avoid going there hungry. This will help you avoid packing your plate with unnecessary additions. While at the feast, go for greens and fruits and less meats, especially red meat.


Take your time to enjoy your feast. During thanksgiving, there is usually a tendency to eat quickly. This results in poor digestion, and loss of nutrients that are vital for the body. Eat slowly and in small quantities, to maximize on your meal.