Healthy Children - February 2014

Vary Your Veggies


To increase the knowledge and awareness of the importance of eating a variety of vegetables, especially colorful and locally-grown vegetables, every day as part of a healthful diet.

Participant Objectives:

  1. Name two colorful locally grown vegetables and describe why they are a good choice for their family.
  2. Name one way in which to add vegetables to their family’s diet without increasing the cost of the meal.
  3. Describe how to purchase, store, and safely prepare at least one new vegetable item that they could serve at home.


Points to cover

  1. Explain that children and adults need to eat more vegetables each day for imporved health and growth.
  2. Explain that adults should strive to eat 2 ½ cups and children 1 ½ cups of vegetables each day.
  3. Inform parents that every little step they take in consuming more vegetables really does help their families be at their best today and in the future.
  4. Discuss that colorful vegetables generally provide nutrients important for good health, such as vitamin A and vitamin C.
  5. Emphasize that vegetables taste good cooked or raw.
  6. Discuss that vegetables come fresh, frozen, canned and dried; all make a valuable contribution to your diet; seasonal and locally grown vegetables can be an economical way to add fresh vegetables to your family’s meals. Consider growing your own vegetables.
  7. Review that there are tried and true ways in which to introduce vegetables to your family’s diet and to get children to eat them.
  8. Emphasize that adding vegetables to your menu does no have to cost extra money – there are low cost vegetables with a powerful nutritious punch.
  9. Discuss that vegetables must be stored, prepared and served in ways in which to keep them safe.