Healthy Children - July 2014

Delicious Snacks!

Pumpernickel bread and a tangerine
Bran muffin and low-fat milk
Cinnamon rice cake and a peach
Whole-wheat toast with a sliced tomato
Waffle square and strawberries
Graham crackers and a pear
Raisin toast and peanut butter
Pita bread and hummus
Gingersnaps and applesauce
Whole- wheat bread sticks and marinara sauce
Toasted English muffin and low-fat cheese
Whole-grain cereal and low-fat milk
Cinnamon toast and a plum
Toasted bagel and orange slices
Corn tortilla and refried beans
Whole-grain crackers and cheese
Low-fat yogurt and fruit
Cottage cheese with crushed pineapple
Cucumber and carrot slices and cottage cheese dip
Rice cakes with peanut butter
Cut up vegetables with a package of ranch dressing mixed into cottage cheese
String cheese and celery
Broccoli bean quesadilla

Check your meal pattern for serving sizes.
Serve water with all snacks.
Adapted from: Health Heart Snack Choices Resource