Healthy Children - August 2014


Parent Help Line

One-year-old babies have an increased risk for burns and scalds.

The main causes of these burns are hot drinks and hair irons. Kids burn themselves when they reach up and pull down a cup that contains a hot drink. The spill causes burns on the face, arms and torso. Kids who reach up and touch hot hair irons suffer burns on their hands. Keep hot drinks and hair irons and cords away from the edge of tables and counters.

American teens eat too much salt.

They ingest as much as 2 times more than doctors say is healthy. Salt intake puts them at a higher risk for obesity. Set a good example.

  • Buy foods low in salt.
  • Eat fewer processes foods.
  • Use less salt when cooking.
  • Serve more fruits and vegetables.


Dad’s Support – Critical to Breastfeeding Success

Breastfeeding is a woman’s decision. However, a husband or partner plays a vital role in her:

  • Decision to breastfeed, and
  • Ability to continue to breastfeed despite early struggles.

Women are more likely to continue to breastfeed when their partner offers support and encourages her. In fact, it may be the single most important factor that predicts breastfeeding success.

How can you support mom?

  • Learn breastfeeding facts and tips. Attend a class with her.
    Search reputable Internet sites:
    • The International Lactation Consultant Association,
    • The La Leche League, and
    • The American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • Provide care for the older children.
  • Perform chores. Cool and clean. Do laundry.
  • Help her relax and get comfy as she breastfeeds.
    • Place pillows around her for support.
    • Get her something to drink.
    • Help the baby latch on, especially during the first few feedings.
    • Offer to keep her company as she breastfeeds.
  • Be her emotional support.
    • Defend her decision to breastfeed.
  • Help her find answers when she has trouble.
    • Call a lactation specialist.
    • Remind her why she chose to breastfeed.
  • Change the baby’s diaper before breastfeeding.
    • Hold, burp and cuddle the baby after he nurses.
    • Encourage mom to take a rest.
  • Help her pump.
    • Bag the milk for freezing.
    • Label bags and bottles.
    • Wash pump parts.
  • After 3-4 weeks, give an occasional bottle of pumped breast milk.