Healthy Children - August 2015

Be a Fit Kid

10 tips for being active every day

Fit kids are physically active and play for at least 1 hour every day. Look for ways to make physical activity a part of your day. Do activities that build your muscles, get your heart pumping, and make you feel good about yourself.
1 tie up your laces and walk
Go for a walk around your neighborhood or walk to your friend’s house instead of taking the bus or asking for a ride. Forget the elevator and take the stairs every chance you get! Remember to be safe by using sidewalks and crosswalks.
2 turn up the music
Shake, rattle, and roll to your favorite songs. Turn on some hip hop, country, salsa, or pop music and move your body. Dancing is a great way to get some physical activity.
3 ride a bike
Grab your helmet and safety gear and go for a bike ride. Ride your bike to school or grab your friends and enjoy a ride in the neighborhood.
4 join a team
Show your team spirit and join a sport at your school or community center. There are tons of fun teams such as basketball, baseball, gymnastics, dancing, soccer, swimming and tennis. Choose an activity that you like and have fun!
5 go out and play
Ditch the TV and go outside with friends, family and even your pets! Walk your dog. Make a snowman, Fly a kite. Have a Hula-hoop contest. Play basketball with friends. Try jumping rope. Or simply play a game of tag.
6 dive right in!
Go to your local indoor or outdoor pool and swim. Swim laps, play water games with friends, or have diving contests for fun.
7 get paid to be fit
Earn extra cash by moving lawns, washing cars, shoveling snow, or walking dogs for your family or for your neighbors. Listen to music while you work to keep you going.
8 try skating or skateboarding
Grab your friends and go to a local park or indoor skating rink! It’s easy to learn and a great way to be active while still having fun! Remember to wear your helmet and safety pads.
9 plant a garden
Plant and grow flowers, fruits and vegetables with your family, or even with your friends! Creating a garden is tough work and a good way to keep fit. Be sure to check on your plants and water them every day!
10 stuck inside?
Play a game of hide-and-seek or plan a scavenger hunt in your house with friends and family. Another great way to stay active indoors is by doing crunches and jumping jack–see how many you can complete!