Healthy Children - August 2015

Make Half of Your Grains WHOLE

Whole grains contain the entire grain kernel: the bran, germ, and endosperm.

Some Examples of Whole Grains:
brown rice
bulgur (cracked wheat)
whole-wheat cereal
whole-grain barley
whole-grain cornmeal
whole rye
whole-wheat bread
whole-wheat crackers
whole-wheat pasta
whole-wheat sandwich buns and rolls
whole-wheat tortillas
wild rice
whole cornmeal
shredded wheat cereal

Whole grain tips –

  • Choose a whole grain, such as oatmeal, when you have hot cereal.
  • Read the label on a cereal box to find the word “whole” listed with the first ingredient.
  • For a change, try brown rice or whole-wheat pasta.
  • When baking, substitute wholewheat or oat flour for up to half of the flour in a recipe.
  • Eat whole-grain crackers.
  • Once a week or more, try a low fat meatless meal or main dish that features whole grains (such as red beans and brown rice).