Healthy Children - September 2015

What Makes It Hard to Eat Well?

Read the following statements about reasons why it is hard to eat well. Which ones can you relate to? If you think “that’s me.” Then read the suggested tips.  Check the tips that you want to remember.

Think that healthy foods cost too much?  Then . . .

  • Eat less meat and more beans
  • Eat canned or frozen fruits and veggies
  • Make quick meals at home instead of eating out


Think healthy foods don’t taste as good?  Then . . .

  • Don’t give up your favorites, just eat smaller amounts
  • Try new foods and new recipes
  • Work your way down slowly to 1% or skim milk


Eat when you’re bored, tired, angry or depressed? Then . . .

  • Find something else to distract you
  • Work on a hobby
  • Call a friend
  • Go for a walk
  • Keep only healthy snacks around


Find it hard to eat healthy when you eat out? Then . . .

  • Avoid fast food and all you can eat restaurants
  • When you order a salad, ask for dressing on the side
  • Ask for half portions
  • Share with a friend
  • Bring home leftovers


Eat too much when you’re at social events? Then . . .

  • Eat a healthy snack before you go
  • Decide on a few things to eat
  • Bring healthy dishes to pot lucks


Eat too much when you’re cooking or cleaning? Then . . .

  • Chew sugarless gum or a toothpick
  • Ask someone else to put away the leftovers


Tend to skip regular meals, but snack in front of the TV and throughout the day? Then . . .

  • Make time for regular meals
  • Sit down at the table and eat healthy meals with friends or family
  • Pack a lunch or snacks to take to work or for travel