Healthy Children - August 2013


Got Apps?

Your child can have fun and learn with these apps that help develop motor skills, visual perception and organization.

If you are worried about a child’s excessive use of devices such as iPads, help make her screen time more productive with these helpful and entertaining apps.

Apps for children Age 2 and Younger

  • Duck Duck Moose apps, such as Puzzle Pop and Peek-a-Zoo are around $1.00 each and will elp increase your child’s motor skills. Many of these apps are appropriate for children age 2 and older, as well as adults.
  • Tiny Wings and Fruit Ninja, which are only $0.99, help improve hand-eye coordination by having kids control a bird with their fingers and chop up fruit as a tiny ninja. These apps are fun and appropriate for children of all ages.
  • Dots for Tots is also $0.99 and teaches younger children their letters, animals and numbers by having them connect dots and trace patterns.


Apps for Kids 3 - 5

  • Teachme apps, such as Teach Me: Kindergarten, provide age-specific, educational apps that help kids practice lower-level math and reading skills.
  • Jumpstart apps are for preschoolers and make learning a magical adventure. Many of the starter apps are free and feature Frankie the dog and his learning adventures.
  • Read-along storybooks, such as Toy Story and The Great Cookie Thief, are great for preschool-age children. Some are free, and most are under $5!


Organizational Apps for School-Age Children

  • Khan Academy is a free and education app that can help any school-age child learn subjects ranging from history to science. It is interactive and provides simple lessons for younger children as well as complex help for older children.
  • Everyday mathematics apps can help children between ages 5 and 10 learn basic mathematics. These apps are fun, easy and only around $1.99!
  • IAnnotate is an app that may help kids in middle and high school annotate PDFs and help them organize their schoolwork.