Healthy Children - July 2013


Why Breakfast?

Smart Reasons to eat Breakfast...

  • Fuels the body with nutrients - Your child might not make up nutrients missed at breakfast. You might not either.
  • Provides calories (energy) for the morning’s active play.
  • Gets your child ready to learn - at home, school, or day care. Kids learn better if they eat breakfast. If you eat breakfast, you may get more done in the morning, too.
  • Helps keep a healthy body weight. Breakfast helps control the urge to nibble or eat too big a lunch. Even with breakfast young kids may need a small morning snack.
  • Helps kids feel good. Children may get morning tummy aches if they miss breakfast. These aches are usually hunger pangs.
  • Tastes good! Offer foods your child and family enjoy - even if they are not common for breakfast.


Smart Ways to Make Breakfast Successful!

Eat breakfast yourself. “Showing” teaches more than simply “telling.” Your child will follow what you do.

Manage Your Early Morning Time
  • Start making breakfast the night before. You might mix the juice, slice fruit, or make hard-cooked eggs.
  • Go to bed earlier, so you get up earlier.
  • Stock your kitchen with quick-to-fix breakfast foods.


Consider Your Child’s Needs
  • Encourage variety and help your child feel in control of breakfast; offer choices throughout the week.
  • Give your child time to wake up. Many kids aren’t hungry right away. Rushing puts pressure on breakfast eating. Wake up earlier.
  • Ask your child to help with breakfast - on a morning when you’re not rushing. It can be a nice way to start your child’s day. Yours, too!


Easy Ideas for Quick, Yummy Breakfasts!

If you do not have much time to make breakfast, try these easy ideas. Talk with your family. Add their ideas, too.

  • Dry cereal (flakes, rounds, or puffed) with lowfat or fat-free milk and fruit
  • Peanut butter on whole-wheat toast
  • Bagel with lowfat or fat-free cheese
  • Reheated rice, hard-cooked egg
  • Grits topped with lowfat or fat-free cheese
  • Oatmeal with applesauce
  • Pita bread and lowfat or fat-free yogurt
  • Toasted waffle topped with sliced fruit
  • Rice and beans, with fruit
  • Chicken noodle soup and fruit