Healthy Children - May 2013


How to Cook with Young Children

  1. Decide on the area of the kitchen where you will be cooking.
  2. Gather stools or chairs that will allow your child to stand or sit comfortably while working.
  3. Wash hands.
  4. Get out the recipe you will be using.
  5. Read the recipe with your child. Explain that you will be following the steps in the recipe to prepare the food.
  6. Set out:
    • The equipment and supplies that you will need (such as a mixer, blender, bowls, pans, measuring cups, knives, and spoons)
    • The ingredients that you will be using
  7. Have your child participate in cooking activities (such as washing fruits and vegetables, adding ingredients, mixing ingredients, and kneading dough).
  8. Clean up with your child.
  9. Eat what you have prepared.