Healthy Children - April 2013


Stretch Those Arms

Three months on
A rattle
Bed, couch, blanket on the floor, etc ...
Place the infant on his or her back. Shake a rattle in front of the infant about 8-12 inches away from their nose. Shake the rattle until the child extends his or her arms toward the rattle.
Learning Outcomes
Approaches to Learning - Child uses initiative, curiosity and persistence to learn about the world. He or she explores the environment through movement and the use of senses. He or she looks towards sounds.
Large Motor Skills - Child begins to gain voluntary control of arm movements, using arms purposefully to reach for objects.
Small Motor Skills - The child handles objects such as rattles with growing skill that are large are large enough not to be a choking hazard.
Did You Know?
Infants learn through exploration. They use their eyes, mouth, and hands to explore large and small objects that are within their reach. Over time, actions become more purposeful and eye -hand coordination increases. Caregivers can support infants’ exploration by providing toys and materials with a variety of textures, sounds, tastes, sizes and weights. Toys can be both manufactured items and household ones such as pots, pans spoons, etc...
Movement Milestone
At 6.5 months, infants can usually sit in a high chair and grasp a dangling object.

Head Start Body Start, Reprinted with permission.