Healthy Children - April 2013


Quiet Times

It’s a lot easier for children to get wound up and going than to slow down and stop. Give them time to stop slowly. Their minds need some transition time so that they can begin slowing their bodies down. Remind them two or three times before you want them to stop.

  • For example: We have about 10 minutes and then we need to get going.
  • Followed by: We have about five more minutes. Where do you want to spend it?
  • Then: Okay, time for one last slide, then we’re out of here.


To help your child settle down after active play, try to develop a regular cook down routine. Here are some ideas:

  • Offer your child a refreshing glass of water.
  • Offer your child a favorite comfort.
  • Offer to read your child a story - try the new titles listed in Ready, Set, Dance article, or an old favorite!
  • Teach your child a special signal that lets them know it’s time to cool down - this could be clapping your hands, holding up two fingers in the air, or singing a familiar song like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” Use this signal every time it’s time to settle down.


Avoid using TV, videos, or computers as your main quiet time activity.