Healthy Children - December 2012


Everyday Activities

Take advantage of your child’s natural activity level by teaching him to help you inside or outside. Helping around the house teaches children responsibility and respect. Children like being helpful! At first it will take some effort on your part, but it will pay off in the long run. Helping around the house is a good alternative to watching TV. And keeping the house and yard picked up leaves a clear space for kids to play safely!

The helping activities listed below are perfect for your 3 to 5-year-old. Start with the easiest ones and work your way up to harder jobs.

Tasks your child can help with

Indoor Helping Activities
  • Pick up toys
  • Make beds (pull up the covers, fluff the pillow)
  • Sort, fold and carry laundry
  • Help wash, dry and put away dishes, pots & pans
  • Clean floors (sweep, mop, vacuum)
  • Dust furniture
  • Carry and put away groceries
  • Help cook (wash fruit, make salad)
  • Set the table for family meals
  • Water house plants
  • Feed and care for pets


Outdoor Helping Activities
  • sweep the porch
  • Pick up the yard
  • Rake leaves
  • Shovel snow
  • Hang out the laundry
  • Carry out the trash and recycling
  • Wash the car or brush off the snow
  • Stack firewood or pick up kindling
  • Walk the dog
  • Plant, weed and water the garden


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