Healthy Children - November 2012


Take It With You

Show your child how to make healthy choices when you are on the run. Put oranges, bananas, or other fruits in your bag for quick snacks. Let your child see that you like to munch on vegetables when you're on the go.

This is just one of the many helpful tips on the nutrition information site. Children learn by example. Parents and grandparents are the first role models. You have the power to shape positive attitudes, behaviors and experiences that set the stage for your child as she grows into a future gold medal winner, artist, teacher or even a future president.

Pack healthy snacks for you and your children to have during trips to the park or shopping or other activities. Look for nutritious items that can fit easily into your purse, diaper bag or backpack. Items that do not need refrigeration – fresh fruit or vegetables, shelf stable juice box or milk, crackers – packed in small individual reusable containers. Wash and prepare the fruit and vegetables so they are ready to eat. Remember to include a spoon, napkin and wet wipe. It will take a few more minutes to prepare and additional containers, but if you pack the serving size for each child, when you pass out the snack you will eliminate that never ending battle of someone getting more. If you would like to consider a “green” approach to wiping your child’s hands and face before and after they eat, try a damp wash cloth sealed in a plastic container or bag. It can be washed at home after each use and ready for the next trip.