Healthy Children - November 2012


Every Day... Play Outside

Since children are naturally active, if you take them outside they will play. Find a safe place for them and keep an eye on them, or better yet, play with them.

Explore the different seasons. Stomp in puddles, splash through sprinklers, jump into piles of autumn leaves, build a snow fort. In cold weather it will be easier if you keep everyone’s outdoor clothes organized. During summer it’s helpful to keep sunscreen, hats and water handy.

Try These Ideas

  • Put a plastic mat or piece of cardboard on the floor near the door for wet or snowy boots.
  • Put up some hooks for jackets and snow pants.
  • Give each child a box, bin or basket for their hats, scarves, heavy socks and mittens. (Your child can have fun decorating her box.)
  • Get a plastic water bottle for each member of the family and write their names on them.


Now you’re dressed and ready to go out to play, snow or shine!

Cold Weather Activities

Dress warmly and go outside!

  • Go dashing through the snow
  • Build a snow family
  • Make snow angels
  • Sled, snowshoe or ski around the yard
  • Catch snowflakes
  • Collect leaves, acorns or pinecones
  • Hunt for frozen animal tracks
  • Walk though the bare woods


Warm Weather Activities

Put on sun screen and go outside!

  • Walk to the playground
  • Ride a tricycle or bike
  • Play ball
  • Build sandcastles
  • Make mudpies
  • Splash in a wading pool
  • Hike up a hill
  • Do cartwheels and somersaults in the yard