Healthy Children - October 2012


Five Ways to Provide Your Child with Active Fun Outdoors

  1. Chase Me, Chase Me. Playfully chase your child safely throughout the yard or playground. Go uphill and downhill, zig and zag, fast and slow, forward and backward.
  2. Bubble Chase. Let your child blow bubbles. Have fun chasing, popping or stomping them.
  3. Hula Hoop Fun. Roll the hoop and chase after it. Lay the hoop on the ground, and hop in and out.
  4. Square Hop. With chalk or masking tape make several squares. Have your child hop to and from each square.
  5. Tight Rope. Draw a line with chalk or masking tape, and have your child walk on the line. To make it more challenging, you can add twists and turns or have your child hop.


Safety Alert: Always Stay with Your Child

Children don’t have life experiences to foresee danger. They may not have the body skills or strength to move away from trouble. When children play, they may not notice that they’re cold, wet, overheated or in possible danger. When you supervise, you stay active and have the fun of playing with your child.


Reprinted from: CACFP, Child and Adult Care Food Program, New York State Department of Health.
Adapted from Nibbles for Health and Fit WIC Activity Book.
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