Healthy Children - July 2012


Color You Healthy

You are the role model for the children in your class. Everyday and in everyway they look at you as an example of how to act, how to eat and how to move. If you are excited about eating healthy and being active, chances are they will be too! This section of Color Me Healthy is dedicated to Color YOU Healthy. You give your time, energy and heart to your job and your children. Don’t forget to take time for yourself, take care of yourself, eat healthy and stay physically active.

COLOR YOU HEALTHY INCLUDES: Finding Your Way to a Healthier You

  • Re-Think Your Drink
  • Enjoy More Fruits and Vegetables
  • Prepare and Eat More Meals at Home
  • Right-Size Your Portions
  • Move More
  • Tame the Tube
  • Choose MyPlate