Healthy Children - July 2012


How many time has your child asked, “Can I help?”

Helping with family meals makes your child feel needed. Children can do many tasks. Working together gives you more time with your child. Talk with your child, and hear what he or she has to share. It is good for your child to learn how to help you. So, even if you can work faster alone, ask your child to help you.

Ways Your Child Can Help

  1. Pick flowers for the table.
  2. Create paper place mats.
  3. Put pets in another room if they need attention at mealtime.
  4. Help clear table before setting it.
  5. Wash his or her hands.
  6. Help with table setting.
  7. Help with simple kitchen jobs.
    • Tear lettuce for salads
    • Mix a tossed salad.
    • Snap green beans.
    • Dip fresh berries into water to wash them.
    • Scrub fresh vegetables.
    • Roll a lemon.
    • Squeeze juice from the lemon.
    • Shake a bottle of salad dressing.
    • Spread soft margarine on bread or toast.
    • Stir batter with a spoon.
    • Cut a banana into pieces with a butter knife.
    • Peel hard cooked eggs.
    • Wrap potatoes in foil for baking.
    • Put bread or rolls into a basket.
  8. Bring items to the table (bread, rolls, crackers).
  9. Pour milk or water from a small pitcher, perhaps with help.
  10. Turn off the TV so the family may talk during meal time.
  11. Bring his or her dishes to the sink after eating.
  12. Place items in the trash.


Try This

Does it seem impossible to fit family meals into your busy schedule? Go step by step. Try to enjoy at least one family meal together this week. See what works, and plan from there.

Reprinted with permission from the Child and Adult Food Care Program