Healthy Children - May 2012


Growing a Container Garden

What You Need
Empty milk carton
Cup to water with
Old spoon to dig with
Easy Foods for Children to Grow from Seeds
Collard greens
Green beans
Steps to Grow a Container Garden
1. Cut one side off the milk carton.
2. Make a small hole in the bottom of each carton to allow water to drain.
3. Cover this hole with a flat stone to keep the dirt in.
4. Fill the carton with dirt almost to the top.
5. Dig holes for the seeds.
6. Place a seed in each hole, and gently pat the soil over each seed.
7. Water lightly to keep the dirt damp.
8. Place the container in a sunny location.
9. Once they sprout, pull out the plants so they aren’t too close. This will give the remaining plants more room to grow.
10. Remove any weeds that grow
11. Follow the directions on the package to fertilize the dirt.