Healthy Children - March 2012


Food Mood

Politely Accepting or Refusing New Foods
Preparation Time
5 min
Activity Time
15 min
3 varieties of TLCs* (tasty little crackers):
  • multi-grain
  • ranch
  • cheese
drinking water
*If TLC crackers are not available, substitute a low-fat whole-grain alternative.
Small plates
Small cups
Preparation Prior to Class
Refrigerate a pitcher of water.
1. Ask the children to wash their hands.
2. Explain to the children that you will give each of them three different kinds of crackers that they may not have tasted before.
3. Tell them that when you direct them to taste a cracker, they may feel and smell it before deciding whether or not they wish to bite it.
4. Tell them that they do not have to taste any of the crackers if they do not wish to; however, request that they refrain from making any bad comments about the crackers.
5. Tell them and demonstrate that if they do not wish to taste a cracker, they should politely say, “No, thank you” or “I don’t care to try it,” and place it back on their plate.
6. Tell them and demonstrate that if they take a bite and do not care for the cracker, they need to quietly remove the cracker from their mouth and put it into their napkin without making any bad comments about the taste.
7. Ask if they understand the rules for tasting. Then, pass one napkin and a plate with three crackers to each child. Pour a glass of water for each child.
8. Begin as outlined above with the multi-grain cracker. Give each child time to taste the cracker or decide they do not wish to taste the cracker. Remind the children how to politely refuse this new food or remove it from their mouth if they do not like it.
9. Repeat this process with the ranch cracker.
10. Repeat this process with the cheese cracker.
11. Ask for a show of hands for those who liked the:
  1. multi-grain cracker best.
  2. ranch cracker best.
  3. cheese cracker best.
12. Explain that different people like different foods and that over time as they try new foods, they will enjoy more and more foods.
13. Distribute additional crackers and small cups of water to the children who desire them.
Additional Discussion During the Activity
Discuss highlights from the lesson plan:
  • All foods were once new to you.
  • Eating a variety of foods can help you be healthy.
  • As you try more foods, you will like more foods.
  • It is good to be polite in accepting and refusing foods.