Healthy Children - October 2011


Animal Actions

Get Ready
  • Space: Indoors
  • Stuff: Your imagination
  • Time: Playtime, weekend fun, or anytime you need to move from one place to another


Get Set
  • Start in one room of your home.
  • Decide on an animal and on another room to move to.


  • Get active! Move like the animal until you arrive at your new room- i.e. move like a bear to the bedroom, or move like a bird to the dining room.
  • Choose a new animal and a new room—and keep on moving.


Did you know?

Moving like four legged animals such as bears, dogs, cats, or lions requires children to bear weight on their legs and hands/arms and strengthens the shoulder and trunk of the body. Developing a strong trunk and shoulders is necessary before children can develop fine motor (small muscle) skills such as writing, buttoning, and zippering.

Reprinted with permission from Head Start & Body Start |