Healthy Children - September 2011

Healthy Homes - Move, Play, and Learn at Home

Healthy Heart Boogie v1.10

Get Ready
Get Set

Turn on some fun, upbeat music.

  • Take turns creating a simple move as the others follow along.
  • Put your hand over your heart and feel it beating faster!
  • Play “Freeze.” Stop the music without notice. When the music stops, everyone freezes like a statue in place. When the music starts, everyone gets moving.
  • Think up some fun challenges, such as:
    • Dance with your feet in place. How can you twist, turn and shake your body without moving your feet?
    • Hold some scarves or streamers to move through the air as you dance.
    • Dance as a pair. Pick a body part that has to touch while you are dancing (i.e. you and your partner dance while keeping your hands touching, now try elbows, or hips)


Did You Know?

Non-locomotor actions are movements that you do in place without traveling. These are also often called stabilizing actions and include movements such as: twisting, turning, balancing, standing, sitting, squatting, kneeling, swinging, swaying, pulling, pushing, stretching, bending, shaking, dodging, and landing, Which of these could you incorporate in your Heart Healthy Boogie?