Healthy Children - September 2018

Protect Your Child from Choking Risks

Choking is a leading cause of unintentional death of children aged 4 and under, according to, and our homes are filled with potential choking hazards. To keep your child safe, be sure you know the dangers to avoid and what to do if you witness him or her choking.

Chocking Risks

As your child ages his or her diet changes accordingly, making it crucial that you practice food safety to prevent choking. Try these tips to keep your child safe at mealtime:

  • Always cut up foods into tiny pieces that your child can easily chew and swallow – encourage your child to chew slowly to prevent choking
  • Never give your child hard candy or other foods that are difficult to swallow
  • Do not use the Heimlich maneuver on children younger than 1 – they require a different rescue procedure

Infant and Child CPR

If you suspect your child is choking, he or she may or may not require CPR.  First:

  • Check to be sure the infant cannot cry, cough, or breathe
  • If not, try to clear the airway with back slaps and chest thrusts – learn the proper procedure at