Healthy Children - January 2018

Eating Out

  • Large serving sizes
  • High fat. High calorie.
  • More beverage choices.

More and more we are eating outside of the house. It’s quick and convenient. How many times do you eat out during the week? Where do you typically eat out?

Many health professionals believe that the increase in eating out is a big factor in our weight gain.

Restaurant serving sizes tend to be much larger than we would eat at home. Sometimes they can be 3-4 times the amount of food that is recommended for a single meal!

Most restaurants use the cheapest ingredients that make the food taste the best. This often involves adding a lot of fat and sugar to their foods, resulting in high calories foods. We usually don’t realized how many calories we are eating when we eat out!

We tend to drink higher calorie drinks when we eat at restaurants because they use tall glasses and take advantage of free refills. As mentioned before, a 20 ounce regular soda or sweet tea contains about 250 calories!

  • Ask for half portions
  • Share with friends
  • Ask for dressing on the side
  • Order grilled or baked instead of fried
  • Ask for a to go container before you start eating