Healthy Children - June 2017

Grocery Store Bingo

With a variety of sights and smells, grocery shopping can be an exciting activity for kids. It can also be a little stressful for adults trying to buy groceries while keeping children entertained. MyPlate Grocery Store Bingo is a fun and educational activity that will focus the attention of your little ones while also allowing you to get your shopping done. That’s what we like to call a “MyPlate, MyWin!”

Instructions: Print off the bingo cards for kids accompanying you on a grocery shopping trip. Give them a pen or pencil and let them circle foods they see in the store while you shop. Explain that we need foods from all five groups. Explain that fresh, frozen and canned varieties all count.

While most appropriate for elementary school-aged children, this activity can be modified for other ages. For older children, consider giving them their own shopping list so they can help you shop. For younger children, ask them to find foods of various colors and shapes.