Healthy Children - October 2016

Activity: Over, Under, Around, and Through

Purpose of Activity: To explore a variety of traveling skills while helping children to understand the concepts of moving over, under, around, and through objects.

Activity cues: move body slowly, under control.

Suggested Grade Level: Pre-K

Materials Needed: A variety of different objects including cones, boxes, tunnels, chairs, and empty 2-liter plastic soda bottles.

Descriptions of Idea

Scatter obstacles throughout the movement space and ask children to find and explore as many ways possible to travel around, over, under, or through the obstacles. Ask that they think about which objects are better for traveling over, under, around and through and place an emphasis on children traveling under control. Also, ask children to think of a variety of ways to travel when they are moving from one obstacle to the next (gallop, sliding, crawling, hopping, etc.)

Teaching Suggestions: obstacles should be spaced throughout the movement space so there is plenty of space between and around objects.

Variations: For those teachers who do not have tunnels, a tunnel can be made by draping a sheet or blanket over several chairs.

Assessment Ideas: As children move through space and around obstacles ask them to point out which objects are best to go under, around, over and through. Use a checklist to record children’s understanding of the concepts

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities: This activity works well for children with disabilities with few adaptations. For children in wheelchairs set up a broom stick between two chairs or poles for children to roll under. For some children who are more mobile, mats may need to be placed on the floor around the objects.