Healthy Children - September 2016

Family Health:  Smart Sleep

Benefits of Sleep:

  1. The body restores itself during sleep.
  2. Sleep increases brain’s ability to focus, learn, and think clearly.
  3. Sleep helps boost immune system which helps fight sickness.
  4. Active period of bodily growth and repair occurs while sleeping.

Develop a family bedtime routine!

The following are tasks to include in your nightly checklist:

take a warm bath,

brush teeth,

place a cup of water by the bed,

share the best part of the day,

read a story together,

turn on the night-light,

sing a lullaby,

give a hug or kiss goodnight, or

give a backrub.

Help children sleep better by maintaining a consistent bedtime routine.

Increasing daily physical activities helps all family members sleep better.

Turn off the TV and read a book together in bed.