Healthy Children - September 2016

My Favorite Class is Lunch

By: Janell Goodwin, Technical Information Specialist, Food Safety and Inspection Service. USDA

Tick tock. Tick tock.
I’m counting the minutes down.
My tummy is a-rumbling.
With a loud and angry sound
And then finally I hear it.
That beautiful, ringing chime.
I run to the cafeteria
To join friends for lunchtime.
But then I stop to remember
The first step of lunchtime plans.
I need to go to the bathroom
So that I can wash my hands.
Soap and warm water
Get rid of germs and disease;
I count to twenty when I scrub
Or I sing the ABC’s
I know my hands are clean
When they’re covered in soapy suds.
Then I rinse and dry my hands, and rush to meet my buds.
I open up my lunch box,
Chicken sandwich – I’m thrilled!
And Mom threw in an ice pack
To keep all my food chilled
After lunch, my tummy’s full.
I’m ready to go out and play
But before going to the playground.
I throw my leftover food away.
I feel my nose start to tickle
When I’m playing with Jack and Sue.
I put my elbow to my mouth
And let out a big ACHOO!
I wash my hands again
Before heading back inside.
I can’t really see the germs.
But I know they like to hide.
Keeping my hands clean
During the day at school
Helps to keep me healthy
And being healthy is super cool!