Healthy Children - August 2016

Enjoying the Family Meal

Helping with family meals makes your child feel important in your family. You get time together, too. Your child learns even when tasks are not perfectly done. So even if you work faster alone, ask your child to help you.

  • Pick flowers for the table
  • Create paper placemats
  • Put pets in another room, if they demand family attention at mealtime.
  • Clear and wash the table. Wash his or her hands.
  • Help with table setting
  • Help with simple kitchen tasks, perhaps tearing salad greens or putting bread in a basket.
  • Pour milk, perhaps with your help.
  • Turn off the TV. Turn on fun music
  • Clear and clean table
  • Ask “What would you like to do to help me?” Jot their ideas down.

Does it seem impossible to fit family meals into your hectic schedule? Go step by step. Try to enjoy at least one family meal together each week. See what works and plan from there.