Partners Videos

The following videos are for your use to promote ExceleRate Illinois to your clients, customers and parents who you come into contact with that have questions about finding quality child care. Download videos and share in your reception areas, trainings, or with staff.  


ExceleRate Illinois for Families

Learn more about how ExceleRate Illinois can help you find a quality early learning and development program in your area.

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ExceleRate Illinois para Familias

Obtenga mas informacion acerca de como ExceleRate Illinois puede ayudarle a encontrar un programa de aprendizaje inicial de calidad.

 Val Warner

Hear What Val Warner Says About ExceleRate Illinois

Interested in quality early learning for your child? Val Warner co-host of ABC 7's Windy City Live shares why quality in early learning is so important and introduces ExceleRate Illinois a system you can use to search for quality programs in Illinois.


Partner with ExceleRate Illinois

Does your agency play an influential role in helping Illinois families create safe, healthy and developmentally appropriate surroundings in which children can thrive? If so ExceleRate Illinois would like to explore options for partnering with your organization to help families with one of the earliest important decisions they need to make - choosing the best setting and program for their child. Watch this short video and share with staff to prepare them to talk to families about ExceleRate Illinois.


What Does a Quality Early Learning Program Look Like?

ExceleRate Illinois can help you find a quality Early Learning Program for your child. Quality matters in early learning, because it gives your child the best start for success in school and in life. Now its easy to search for quality early learning programs near you because we've done your homework. 



What Does a Quality Early Learning Program Look Like? - No Sound

This video can be used in a reception area where video with no sound is used.


Why Should I Care About Quality?

Did you know there are 1,825 days from birth till your child starts Kindergarten? Did you know that 90% of your child's brain develops in the first 5 years of life? That's why finding a quality early learning provider is so important. Help your child succeed in school and in life.  



What Does a Quality Look Like?

You know quality is important in early learning... but what does quality look like? Watch this video to learn about what quality looks like, and how to use ExceleRate Illinois to help you find a quality program for your child. 



What Can ExceleRate Illinois Tell Me About Program Quality?

What makes an early learning program with an ExceleRate Illinois Circle of Quality different? One word... Quality. ExceleRate Illinois has a set of standards for early learning and the one goal is to improve our kids’ futures... in school and in life.  



Why Does Your Child Want Quality Early Learning?

Quality early learning for your child is fun. It offers an opportunity to play, paint, sing, read, jump, explore and learn. Help your child succeed in school and in life and enroll them in a quality early learning program.